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School plays, choir and debate clubs consistently inspired waves of awe like no other activities did during my childhood and teenage years. I was seduced by the hustle of rehearsals; the heat of the lights; the internal nag of “don’t forget the lyrics” and the freedom that ascended upon me as I performed.


Outside of extramural activities English classes gave me access to that feeling outside of extramural activities. Honey, I lived for speeches and writing projects. I sunk my metaphorical teeth into assignments that required words, imagery and concept. I was that kid. So enamoured by art, culture and creativity.


After high school I looked around for what I could study. Now I wouldn’t say I completely didn’t know what to do, because at the core of my 18-year-old self I knew I wanted to create.


So I thought about studying advertising (dropped that idea) and then I applied for fashion design at UJ (which I actually got accepted for), but I kept getting drawn back to the art of mixing words with visuals. So I listened to that voice.


I studied Media Studies and majored in journalism at Boston Media House from 2006 – 2010. I interned at a newspaper publishing house called Alex Pioneer.


I worked there as an intern for 8 months and then I was promoted to a full time journalist and later managing editor.


In 2012 I represented Alex Pioneer at the MDDA/Sanlam Media Local Media Awards in Umhlanga – where I walked away with the ‘Best Human Interest’ award and the publication won ‘Best Newspaper’.


I went on to be a social media copy writer and community manager at Sly Creative. I worked on brands such as PUMA, Nando’s, dotAfrica and SABRIC.  


After nearly 4 years I moved on to Hellocomputer/FCB as a social media content writer.


In 2016 I was an MC of a documentary screening called “Ithubalami” hosted at the SABC. My pieces, ‘Eternal Marvels’ and ‘Familiar Stranger’, were published in a hard copy anthology titled ‘Infinite Wonders’. And I was named presenter of online entertainment channel, ENTE.


If I were to describe myself, I’d say that I am an artist. An artist who has chosen to speak through style, words and music. And my job is to create work that inspires awe and evokes emotion.